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June 9-12, Thursday – Sunday
Virginia Beach, VA (pending availability)

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The $100 deposit is non-refundable and will provide an accurate head count for lodging selection.

Deadline to register is November 30, 2021.

Registered Guests

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 Deposit Paid Marine's Name Platoon Travel Method Solo or +1 Guest's Name
PaidKevin "Doc" Maxwell3rdDrivePlus 1Tiffany Maxwell
PaidDanny Doyle2ndDriveSolo
PaidJeremy Liggett1stDriveSolo
PaidJeffrey DufourWeaponsDrivePlus 1Shannon Dufour
PaidJeff YutzyWeaponsDriveSolo
PaidJerry Cerpa3rdDriveSolo
PaidTim Haley2ndDriveSolo
Not PaidJohn Reina2ndDrivePlus 1Christine Reina
PaidDaniel DeOrzio2ndDrivePlus 1Julie DeOrzio
PaidSal Labarbera2ndDriveSolo
PaidShawn Scott2ndDrivePlus 1Stacy Scott
PaidPetey SzantoWeaponsDrivePlus 1Jody Urbas
PaidBrent Walker3rdDrivePlus 1Melissa Walker
PaidChad DietzWeaponsDrivePlus 1Bonnie Dietz
PaidBob MarrapodeWeaponsDrivePlus 1Sherri Marrapode
PaidTony Farrister1stDrivePlus 1Missy Farrister
PaidDave Nidy2ndDriveSolo
PaidChad LawrenceWeaponsDriveSolo
PaidJohn Mooney2ndDrivePlus 1Linda Martin
PaidStephen LicquiaWeaponsDrivePlus 1Wendy Leonhardt-Licquia
PaidBen Thomas3rdDriveSolo
PaidMonty Burkhalter1stDrivePlus 1Jennifer Rankin
PaidGerry Pinkley3rdDriveSolo
PaidJason Dahl2ndFlyPlus 1Sara Dahl
PaidMartin PallottaWeaponsFlyPlus 1Martinha Baptista
PaidShawn Barganier1stFlyPlus 1Heather Barganier
PaidPaul Gauvin1stFlySolo
PaidDarren Taylor2ndFlyPlus 1Sonja Taylor
PaidTimothy ElyeaWeaponsFlyPlus 1Netti Elyea
PaidClinton Williams2ndFlySolo
PaidDave BallWeaponsFlyPlus 1Wendy Keil
PaidTravis Turner3rdFlyPlus 1Tina Turner
 Deposit Paid Marine's Name Platoon Travel Method Solo or +1 Guest's Name

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We usually take payments via PayPal however if you don’t want to use it or want to pay some other way, send me an email or hit us up in the invite only bookface group.


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