2021 group photo

Roll Call

Pictured above is the group photo from the 2021 reunion.


If your Balance Due does not end with .00, then you did not select “Send to Friends or Family” when you paid your deposit.

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 Balance Due Marine's Name Platoon Travel Method Solo or +1 Guest's Name
$185.00Dave BallWeaponsFlyPlus 1Wendy Keil
$91.27Shawn Barganier1stFlyPlus 1Heather Barganier
$185.00Monty Burkhalter1stDrivePlus 1Jennifer Rankin
$185.00Jerry Cerpa3rdDriveSolo
$0.00Jason Dahl2ndFlyPlus 1Sara Dahl
$188.38Daniel DeOrzio2ndDrivePlus 1Julie DeOrzio
$185.00Chad DietzWeaponsDrivePlus 1Bonnie Dietz
$185.00Danny Doyle2ndDriveSolo
$188.38Jeffrey DufourWeaponsDrivePlus 1Shannon Dufour
$188.38Timothy ElyeaWeaponsFlyPlus 1Netti Elyea
$185.00Tony Farrister1stDrivePlus 1Missy Farrister
$185.00Paul Gauvin1stFlySolo
$185.00Tim Haley2ndDriveSolo
$188.38Sal Labarbera2ndDriveSolo
$0.00Chad LawrenceWeaponsDriveSolo
$185.00Stephen LicquiaWeaponsDrivePlus 1Wendy Leonhardt-Licquia
$185.00Jeremy Liggett1stDriveSolo
$185.00Bob MarrapodeWeaponsDrivePlus 1Sherri Marrapode
$185.00Kevin "Doc" Maxwell3rdDrivePlus 1Tiffany Maxwell
$185.00John Mooney2ndDrivePlus 1Linda Martin
$185.00Dave Nidy2ndDriveSolo
$185.00Martin PallottaWeaponsFlyPlus 1Martinha Baptista
$145.00Gerry Pinkley3rdDriveSolo
John Reina2ndDrivePlus 1Christine Reina
$185.00Shawn Scott2ndDrivePlus 1Stacy Scott
$0.00Petey SzantoWeaponsDrivePlus 1Jody Urbas
$0.00Darren Taylor2ndFlyPlus 1Sonja Taylor
$185.00Ben Thomas3rdDriveSolo
$185.00Travis Turner3rdFlyPlus 1Tina Turner
$185.00Brent Walker3rdDrivePlus 1Melissa Walker
$60.00Clinton Williams2ndFlySolo
$185.00Jeff YutzyWeaponsDriveSolo
 Balance Due Marine's Name Platoon Travel Method Solo or +1 Guest's Name