May 17-20, 2012

Doublehead Resort in Town Creek, AL

2012 Group Photo
2012 Group Photo (left to right) Rob Marrapode, Shag Lavariere, L.B. Keller, David Ball, Matt “Gus” Muth, Petey Szanto, Marty Rogers, Troy Manning

Thinking back, I’m not sure how these reunions exactly started but I know Marty Rogers organized this first of many reunions near his home in northern Alabama. The last time I saw most of these Marines was in 1996 and while it was 16 years ago, once we got back together it seemed like just yesterday.

Shag, Dave and Troy met up with Marty in Alabama on Thursday evening while L.B. and I swooped from Ohio to South Carolina to see Rob. After staying up too late catching up over some drinks, we picked up Gus the next morning and commenced the drunkfest at a place called Doublehead Resort.

The weekend festivities included a trip to the local supermarket to stock up on beer, hot dogs, hamburgers, breakfast fixin’s and 1 well seasoned steak. Activities included corn hole, river raids from a rented pontoon boat, a fish fry thanks to Dave, a late night lost drunkard that nearly met the snatch team, some hazing and some really late nights. I think if you asked everyone there, it was well worth it.

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