Another Successful Year Comes to an End

Sadly, 2020 is in the books. Everyone is taking back a lot of memories, pictures & videos from the weekend festivities and some are heading home with more bruises than they came with.

We absolutely miss everyone that registered but couldn’t make it. Some had legitimate reasons, while others are just limp dicks (you know which group you belong to). Ultimately, there were 12 Marines; 3 of which brought their better halves and congrats to Netti for her promotion to 1st Sergeant! We added new 2 boots and 3 that have yet to miss a reunion.

Some of the events included:

  • A sleep competition: Williams took first place from Manning
  • Marrapode’s Mouse taming: Bad Shakes, NO BITING!
  • Mooney taking a DT Dirty Sanchez like a champ
  • Kayak-Pool Olympics: Which is where the bruises came from
  • “Horse races” in and around the pool
  • River fishing with Elyea catching his first smally
  • A game called “Hide the quad keys from DT”
  • A Staff NCO antiquing trip
  • Another cornhole tourney: the “losers” ending up in dresses
  • This one goes without saying: ANOTHER Elyea cornhole smack-down, compliments of Shaggy Balls
  • Not one, but two flip flop blowouts
  • WAY too much excellent food that would make Gordon Ramsay jealous
  • And not enough time in the weekend

Wrapping things up, thank you so much again to Salena and Dave for organizing the 2020 reunion. We know it was stressful and we surely do appreciate all the hard work you two put into it. This place was, in my opinion, the best resort yet. Some even entertained the idea of buying it, since it’s on the market for $800,000.

If I’ve missed something that should be included in the weekend events, please remind us all in the comments.

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