The following are translations from the military term to civilian terms…according to our ladies.

Field Jacket Liner AKA: Woobie Jacket
~ The US Military M-65 Field Jacket Liner is a liner designed to increase the warmth provided by the M-65 Field Jacket. The design of these liners makes them incredibly warm and they can be worn with or without the M-65 Field Jacket.

M65 Field Jacket Liner

Poncho Liner AKA: Woobie
~A piece of field gear originating in the United States military intended to provide warmth in mild temperatures used as a field expedient sleeping bag when attached to the standard issue poncho by means of integral lengths of material which are looped through the poncho’s eyelets

Poncho Liner

Police Call AKA: Cop Rotation -2019
~When an entire unit lines up in a straight line and walks across a certain area looking for trash. “If it doesn’t grow, it goes”.

Police Call

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