2022 Group Photo

2022 That’s a Wrap!!

For the first time in a long while, there was no shit show! It was a great time seeing everyone again as well as some new faces from decades ago.

The final head count this year came out to 43: 28 Marines & 15 significant others.

Thanks again John Mooney for hosting this year.

Some highlights I can recall include:

  • A really close rally point… without food, sorry Bonnie.
  • Fireside chat and the person who wanted it being too drunk to remember half of it.
  • A complete cornhole tournament… in one day! The details can be found here.
  • A DDT faceplant off one of the cornhole boards (that’s a Drunken DT, not the insecticide).
  • An inshore fishing trip that yielded enough food to complement Saturday’s supper.
  • Plenty of food (as always).
  • A security guard that would not stop. (If he would’ve, Dave or Dirty may have had an opportunity to steal his golf cart)
  • Enlisted Marines vs. All beach volleyball game. This big family of like 9 on vacation was pretty fun to play against. And Tim… she is Korean!
    Enlisted: 5, Everyone else: 0
  • A kayak trip for some.
  • A tour to the National Museum of the Marine Corps for others.
  • Last but not least, a wedding on the beach with a sword arch.

Welcome to our Marine Corps family

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Wendy as she joins our Marine family. We won’t hold it against her that she was in the Army.


We are fortunate to have 2½ new Marine attendees this year as well as their significant others.
1 – Jason Dahl with Sara
2 – Daniel DeOrzio with Julie
½ – Shawn Scott with Stacy. Thanks for sticking around this year.

Second hash mark

Of the original 8 from back in 2012, Rob Marrapode, David Ball, and I still have not missed a single reunion, making this our 8th straight.

To finish…

I’ve heard this said at the reunion by many and I’ve said it plenty myself; these reunions are therapeutic. We all have our demons we battle and some struggle with the fight. I don’t need to worry about my 6 at these reunions and I can relax for 3 days out of the year. I stand a little taller and walk a little prouder afterwards.

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