The Paddle Club

You’d think that because we’re Marines and know the definition of commitment, that we’d all be Johnny-on-the-Spot when it comes to signing up on time, paying deposits and or balances on time, however, that’s not always the case.

If you’ve never stepped up, then you have no idea how stressful and time consuming orchestrating one of our reunions can be.

This page is dedicated to honor and thank the men and women that take the time to organize our reunions every year.

We all thank the following people for making our reunions what they are and what they’ve become.

Reunion #YearLocationTotal AttendeesMarine/GuestsOrganizer
12012Town Creek, AL88 + 0Marty Rogers
22016Town Creek, AL88 + 0Marty Rogers
32017Pigeon Forge, TN2115 + 6Rob Marrapode
42018Hocking Hills, OH2720 + 7Shelly & LB Keller
52019Sevierville, TN4125 + 16Rob Marrapode
62020Nixa, MO1512 + 3Salena Null & Dave Ball
72021Gettysburg, PA5035 + 15Bonnie & Chad Dietz
82022Virginia Beach, VA4328 + 15John Mooney
92023Clayton, ID4025 + 15Tina & Travis Turner

Thank You!

These people have earned their own dog tag on the custom made paddle plaque.