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And Just Like That, 2021… is Done

Although we added a bonus day to this year’s reunion, it seemed to be the one that ended the fastest (at least for me). This 7th annual brought several new attendees including Jeremy Liggett, Paul Gauvin, Danny Doyle, Kevin “Doc” Maxwell, and a brief appearance by Shawn Scott while three of us still hold a perfect attendance award: Dave Ball, Rob Marrapode, and Petey Szanto.

Although rather uneventful as far as altercations go (physical and verbal), we started by commandeering the flag pole, replacing the Maryland flag with our beloved Marine Corps flag. Some other memorable moments include:

  • 7 corn-hole boards (most ever) and yet and unfinished cornhole tourney
  • Deck vs. Car… Deck 1, Car 0
  • A 5 minute fundraiser to purchase a $500 service dog named Rumor for Jeremy Liggett (congrats!)
  • A 2 hour bus tour of the Gettysburg battlefield, with a very passionate licensed tour guide that spent more time talking to the soldiers buried in the ground than to us
  • A 90 minute walking “ghost” tour of downtown Gettysburg. No ghosts found but excellent story telling by our guide
  • More flies in the main “party” house than we had in Egypt and Tunisia combined. Apparently nobody knows how to close doors
  • A “failure in leadership” while hot rodding up and down the road that split Caboose Farm in half, followed by an ass chewing by the owner and a “tap dance in front of the man”
  • Free t-shirts by a new start-up company called Jarheads Threads
  • Traveling bed tour performed by Chet “Goldilocks” Zebrowski or simply known as “Nutsack”

This year’s Farthest Traveled Award goes to Darren Taylor, coming from Round Rock, Texas.


Special thanks go out to Chad and Bonnie Dietz for hosting the 2021 reunion. You two now belong to the elite, yet growing list of members in the paddle club. Much respect to you two for all that you did to secure the biggest reunion to date. The only thing that would have made this 1 step above perfect would have been a catered rally point on the property.

We’d also like to thank the chefs for the week. Marrapode for his Jambalaya and the Farristers for their delicious haluski. Labarbera’s Italian sausage, peppers, and baked pasta. Bonnie and Chad Dietz for their pulled pork, best ever baked beans and Cole slaw, and everybody that helped cook breakfast including, but not limited to, Nidy, Marrapode, Pallotta, and Pinkley.

Additionally, those of you that took time out of your trip to help keep the place clean, take out trash, wash dishes, pick up butts, etc., thank you for all of your efforts!

Finally, we would probably all agree that each and every Marine needs a pat on the back for taking the time to attend. Without you, we would have no reason to give thanks.

If you have a memory that you would like to share, leave a reply below.

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