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2022 Cabin Assignments

Wait no more cuz here it is. Thanks again goes to Rob Marrapode for his time working his magic assigning cabins as he does every year.

This year there are more special circumstances that needed to be taken into consideration when assigning cabins… especially with 5 service dogs.

Cabin Accommodations

All of these are two bedrooms cottages with only one exception noted later. One bedroom has a queen bed and the second has bunk beds. The bunk room can accommodate up to 4 people but we’ve only assigned 3 people in these rooms. One of these bottom bunks is a “full” sized bed which is bigger than a typical “twin” sized bunk bed. This page on their website has a nice virtual tour of these types of cabins, check it out.

The exception noted earlier is a studio cottage which has been assigned to this year’s host John Mooney.

Important Note About Bedding!

If your cabin has an asterisk next to it, you will need to bring your own bed sheets and blankets. These cabins are pet friendly and the resort does not supply sheets or blankets for the pet friendly cabins so bring your poncho liners.

If this causes you any hardships, especially if you are flying in, say something in our bookface private group chat and one of us will help.

Who remembers these CG inspection shenanigans?


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 Cabin # Solo or +1 Marine's Name Service Dog Platoon Guest's Name Travel Method
501Plus 1Martin PallottaWeaponsMartinha BaptistaFly
501SoloJerry Cerpa3rdDrive
501SoloPaul Gauvin1stFly
501SoloBen Thomas3rdDrive
502Plus 1Daniel DeOrzio2ndJulie DeOrzioDrive
502SoloTim Haley2ndFly
502SoloDanny Doyle2ndDrive
504Plus 1Darren Taylor2ndSonja TaylorFly
504Plus 1Travis Turner3rdTina TurnerFly
506*Plus 1Jason DahlYes2ndSara DahlFly
506*Plus 1Shawn ScottYes2ndStacy ScottDrive
508*SoloDave Nidy2ndDrive
508*SoloSal Labarbera2ndDrive
509*Plus 1Chad DietzYesWeaponsBonnie DietzDrive
509*SoloJeremy LiggettYes1stDrive
509*SoloGerry Pinkley3rdDrive
510*Plus 1Dave BallWeaponsWendy KeilFly
510*SoloStephen LicquiaWeaponsDrive
510*SoloChad LawrenceWeaponsDrive
511*Plus 1John MooneyYes2ndLinda MartinDrive
512*Plus 1Bob MarrapodeWeaponsSherri MarrapodeDrive
512*SoloPetey SzantoWeaponsDrive
514Plus 1Jeffrey DufourWeaponsShannon DufourDrive
514SoloTimothy ElyeaWeaponsFly
720*Plus 1Monty Burkhalter1stJennifer RankinDrive
720*Plus 1Tony Farrister1stMissy FarristerDrive
721*Plus 1Brent Walker3rdMelissa WalkerDrive
721*Plus 1Shawn Barganier1stHeather BarganierDrive
 Cabin # Solo or +1 Marine's Name Service Dog Platoon Guest's Name Travel Method
expanded view of cabins reserved for 2022
If you are in cabins 506, 508, 509, 510, 511, 512, 720 or 721, you will need to bring your own bed linens!

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