Our website has hit a milestone!

April 13, 2018, just shy of 4 years ago, I created my first post on this website announcing the purpose of bastardsreunion.org. It explains the trouble of scrolling through our private bookface chat, seemingly forever, looking for specific information about the reunions, passing a bunch of memes, jokes, and a whole lot of big blue thumbs up icons.

My solution back then was to make this website and have it serve as a one-stop-shop for anything reunion related. While I don’t hear any direct feedback from visitors about how easy it is to find information on here, I do get a lot of thanks for it.

Today, I’m happy to report that I think I’ve met my goal.

In the same amount of time that it took many of us to EAS, this website has been viewed 10,000 times, an average of 2,500 yearly views.

While maintaining this website has some considerable out-of-pocket expenses every year for me as well as periodic evening hours keeping it fresh, it is definitely a labor of love that I’m happy to do for you.

I’d like to thank everyone for helping surpass this milestone.

~Semper Fidelis

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