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Welcome to the new website

After hearing how much time and effort L.B, Rob & Shelly went into planning and organizing the 2018 reunion in Hocking Hills, OH., I though it would be a good idea to put together a website as a consolidated place to disseminate information to the group about past and future reunions.

I know we have other tools like the “Bookface”, Marco Polo, texts and emails but this website will be a method to aggregate all the information from the various places and keep out all the unnecessary chatter. Nothing like looking for reunion information in Facebook Messenger and having to scroll past 20+ memes or a metric shit ton of these:

FB Thumbs Up


This site should give us the ability to collect money, assign deadlines for deposits or payments, distribute duties to people for reunions, get head counts, take polls, sell challenge coins, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

My hopes are that this will make planning future reunions easier for the organizer and offering a central place for everyone to find reunion information; past and future.

If you have any ideas to make this better, feel free to find the contact page and submit your suggestions. I’ll do the best I can to keep this entertaining and up & running.


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