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Just a few days left… Latest news and last minute reminders.

We’re just days away from the start of our 8th reunion and while most of you have been to one of these in the past, there are a couple that have not. If you’re looking for a single page that contains all the up-to-date 2022 information, check out the 2022 Reunion Page. The information contained on that page trumps information you may find on other pages and/or posts.

Here are the latest updates, some last minute cabin changes, and some helpful reminders.

COVID reminder

COVID-19 is still out there. If you’re feeling under the weather, be smart and don’t come. Don’t be that guy who infects everybody at the reunion. In the famous words of the Cleveland Browns… “There’s always next year.”

Fundraiser shirts & proceeds

I picked up the shirts today and they look great! Special thanks to Sandy Phillips and her crew from a local Cleveland company called 911 Clothing which produced the shirts. They specialize in apparel and collectibles for first-responders, including off-duty clothing for policemen and firemen.

Thanks also goes out to Jarheads Threads which sponsored this year’s fundraiser shirts.

So… how much did we raise?

Every year’s fundraiser is better than the last and this year is no different. The results of selling 66 shirts and several very generous donations totaling $680, we managed to raise just shy of $1,500!

Cabin reassignments

Some people have had some last minute things come up and are now unable to make it to the reunion this year. We took a look at some of the cabin assignments and decided to make a few changes.

With Clint Williams unable to make it, Doc Maxwell is now the cabin rep that will sign the rental agreement for cabin 508.

The following people have been reassigned to new cabins. This reduces the number of people in cabin 508’s “bachelor” room from 3 down to 2 and these Marines are now sharing a room with someone someone from their own platoon.

  • Lawrence moves from 508 to 510
  • Lavariere moves from 508 to 512
  • Nidy moves from 509 to 508

Everyone, please double check the cabin list at the bottom of this post.


Please be reminded that some of the cabins we rented are pet friendly and as such, you’ll need to provided your own bed sheets, blankets, and pillows. If your cabin has an asterisk next to it, bring bedding.

What else to bring

Everybody that is not flying or riding have been assigned something specific to bring to contribute to the group. That list, as well as all the other information, can be found here. If you can’t bring your assigned item, say something now.

Extra curricular activities

Bonnie & Chad Ditez are going kayaking on one of the days and others have already planned an off-shore fishing trip Saturday morning.

On Sunday, a small group (about 10) is traveling 3 hours north to visit the Marine Corps museum. The current plan is to leave the resort around 9 am, arriving at the museum by noon. We can eat lunch there and tour the museum until it closes at 5.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Cabin Assignments

Displaying 1 - 28 of 28

 Cabin # Solo or +1 Marine's Name Service Dog Platoon Guest's Name Travel Method
501Plus 1Martin PallottaWeaponsMartinha BaptistaFly
501SoloJerry Cerpa3rdDrive
501SoloPaul Gauvin1stFly
501SoloBen Thomas3rdDrive
502Plus 1Daniel DeOrzio2ndJulie DeOrzioDrive
502SoloTim Haley2ndFly
502SoloDanny Doyle2ndDrive
504Plus 1Darren Taylor2ndSonja TaylorFly
504Plus 1Travis Turner3rdTina TurnerFly
506*Plus 1Jason DahlYes2ndSara DahlFly
506*Plus 1Shawn ScottYes2ndStacy ScottDrive
508*SoloDave Nidy2ndDrive
508*SoloSal Labarbera2ndDrive
509*Plus 1Chad DietzYesWeaponsBonnie DietzDrive
509*SoloJeremy LiggettYes1stDrive
509*SoloGerry Pinkley3rdDrive
510*Plus 1Dave BallWeaponsWendy KeilFly
510*SoloStephen LicquiaWeaponsDrive
510*SoloChad LawrenceWeaponsDrive
511*Plus 1John MooneyYes2ndLinda MartinDrive
512*Plus 1Bob MarrapodeWeaponsSherri MarrapodeDrive
512*SoloPetey SzantoWeaponsDrive
514Plus 1Jeffrey DufourWeaponsShannon DufourDrive
514SoloTimothy ElyeaWeaponsFly
720*Plus 1Monty Burkhalter1stJennifer RankinDrive
720*Plus 1Tony Farrister1stMissy FarristerDrive
721*Plus 1Brent Walker3rdMelissa WalkerDrive
721*Plus 1Shawn Barganier1stHeather BarganierDrive
 Cabin # Solo or +1 Marine's Name Service Dog Platoon Guest's Name Travel Method

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