May Family Ranch

2023 Registration

Reunion Info

June 28 – July 1, 2023
Wednesday – Saturday

May Family Ranch
500 Sqauw Creek Road
Clayton, ID 83227

Phone: (208) 838-2407
E-mail: [email protected]

May Family Ranch

Registration Information

The $100 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. This should secure a head count and will be used to calculate the price for each Marine.

Deadline to register is October 31, 2022.

Registered Guests

The following Marines have registered to attend. Every year though, some people ultimately end up with other commitments and back out. For the most up-to-date roster, click here.

Refreshing this page will update this list

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 Deposit Paid Marine's Name Platoon Travel Method Solo or +1 Guest's Name With Service Dog? Dog's Name
YesPetey SzantoWeaponsFlySoloNo
NoClint Williams3rdFlySoloNo
YesTim Haley2ndFlySoloNo
YesDaniel Doyle2ndFlySoloNo
YesTim ElyeaWeaponsFlySoloNo
YesJohn Reina2ndFlySoloNo
YesDave Nidy2ndFlySoloNo
YesGerry Pinkley3rdDriveSoloNo
YesBob MarrapodeWeaponsFlySoloNo
YesChad LawrenceWeaponsFlySoloNo
YesTommy GrimesWeaponsFlyPlus 1Alisa GrimesNo
YesPaul Gauvin1stFlyPlus 1Belinda GauvinNo
YesChad DietzWeaponsFlyPlus 1Bonnie DietzYesSir Vader the Raider
YesRandy Lemaster2ndFlyPlus 1H GNo
YesShawn Barganier1stDrivePlus 1Heather BarganierNo
YesMonty Burkhalter1stDrivePlus 1Jennifer RankinNo
YesDANIEL DEORZIO2ndDrivePlus 1Julie DeOrzioNo
YesShane Martin2ndDrivePlus 1Kelli MartinNo
YesJerry Cerpa3rdDrivePlus 1KenzieNo
YesBen Thomas3rdFlyPlus 1Kerry ThomasNo
YesJohn Mooney2ndFlyPlus 1Linda MartinYesMadison
YesTodd Joyce1stDrivePlus 1Lindsey BoothNo
YesMartin PallottaWeaponsFlyPlus 1Martinha BaptistaNo
YesBrent Walker3rdFlyPlus 1Melissa WalkerNo
YesShawn Puryear2ndFlyPlus 1Michelle PuryearNo
YesBillie Lucas2ndDrivePlus 1Ora LucasNo
YesJason Dahl2ndDrivePlus 1Sara DahlYesJersey
YesJeffrey Dufour1stFlyPlus 1Shannon DufourNo
YesTravis Turner3rdDrivePlus 1Tina TurnerNo
YesStephen LicquiaWeaponsDrivePlus 1Wendy LicquiaNo
YesDavid BallWeaponsFlyPlus 1Wendy BallNo
 Deposit Paid Marine's Name Platoon Travel Method Solo or +1 Guest's Name With Service Dog? Dog's Name

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Payment Information

We use Venmo or PayPal. If you want to pay some other way, send me an email or hit us up in the invite only bookface group.


When sending money with PayPal, if you don’t uncheck the box below, you will be charged fees for sending money! You should be using the “Send Money to Friends or Family” option, which is free of any charges.

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