2024 Registration

Reunion Info

August 8-11, 2024
Thursday – Sunday
Lake Guntersville, AL

Registration Information

The $100 deposit is non-refundable and should provide an accurate head count for lodging selection.

Deadline to register is August 9, 2023.

Registered Guests

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 Balance Due Marine's Name Platoon Solo or +1 Guest's Name With Service Dog? Travel Method
$285.00Dave Nidy2ndSoloNoDrive
$0.00Travis Turner2ndPlus 1Tina TurnerNoFly
$0.00Petey SzantoWeaponsSoloNoDrive
$0.00Chad LawrenceWeaponsSoloNoFly
$185.00Jeff YutzyWeaponsSoloNoDrive
$185.00Clinton Williams3rdSoloNoDrive
$0.00John Reina2ndSoloNoFly
$185.00Randy Lemaster3rdPlus 1PattyNoDrive
$185.00Chet ZebrowskiWeaponsSoloNoFly
$0.00Tim Haley2ndSoloNoFly
$0.00Daniel Doyle2ndSoloNoFly
$0.00Gerry Pinkley3rdSoloNoDrive
$0.00Sal Labarbera2ndSoloNoFly
$0.00Shag LavariereWeaponsSoloNoFly
$0.00David BallWeaponsPlus 1Wendy BallNoDrive
$0.00Martin Pallotta3rdPlus 1Martinha BaptistaNoFly
$0.00Jason Dahl2ndPlus 1Sara DahlYesDrive
$0.00Daniel DeOrzio2ndPlus 1Julie DeOrzioNoDrive
$0.00Chad DietzWeaponsPlus 1Bonnie DietzYesFly
$0.00Jeffrey Dufour1stPlus 1Shannon DufourNoDrive
$0.00Tim ElyeaWeaponsPlus 1Netti ElyeaNoFly
$185.00Tony Farrister1stPlus 1Missy FarristerNoDrive
$0.00Paul Gauvin1stPlus 1Belinda GauvinNoDrive
$185.00Tommy GrimesWeaponsPlus 1Alisa GrimesNoDrive
$0.00L.B. KellerWeaponsPlus 1Shelly KellerNoDrive
$0.00Stephen LicquiaWeaponsPlus 1Wendy LeonhardtNoDrive
$0.00Billie Lucas2ndPlus 1Ora Mae LucasNoDrive
$0.00Rob MarrapodeWeaponsPlus 1Sherri MarrapodeNoDrive
$0.00John Mooney2ndPlus 1Linda MartinYesDrive
$185.00Shane Martin2ndPlus 1Kelli MartinYesFly
$0.00Shawn Puryear2ndPlus 1Michelle PuryearNoDrive
$0.00Monty Burkhalter1stPlus 1Jennifer RankinNoDrive
$185.00David Wysong1stPlus 1Annette ReamerNoFly
$0.00Marty RogersWeaponsPlus 1Amy RogersNoDrive
$185.00Mike Rutledge2ndPlus 1Lori RutledgeNoFly
$0.00Shawn Scott2ndPlus 1Stacy ScottYesDrive
$0.00Darren Taylor2ndPlus 1Sonja TaylorNoDrive
$0.00Ben Thomas3rdPlus 1Kerry ThomasNoDrive
$0.00Brent Walker3rdPlus 1Melissa WalkerNoDrive
$185.00Steven Weed2ndPlus 1Salena WeedNoDrive
 Balance Due Marine's Name Platoon Solo or +1 Guest's Name With Service Dog? Travel Method

2023 Registration Form

Payment Information

We take payments via Venmo & PayPal however if you don’t want to use it or want to pay some other way, send me an email or hit us up in the invite only bookface group.


When sending money with PayPal, if you don’t uncheck the box below, you will be charged fees for sending money! You should be using the “Send Money to Friends or Family” option, which is free of any charges.