Latest Updates on the 2020 Reunion

We’re just shy of 2 weeks from the start of our reunion and I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say “I can’t wait!” We want to pass along some of the latest updates as things are starting to happen a lot more quickly as we approach August 6.

Fundraiser Shirt Sales

Our fundraiser was another great success! We were able to raise $678 through the sales of our custom shirts and through additional donations. The funds will be used to purchase food and water for everybody for the weekend.

It won’t take long to go through these funds and if we exceed that amount when we purchase food, we’ll pass the hat when we get there.

The process with Custom Ink did not go smoothly (again) but if you’re interested, you can read about that by clicking here.

Airport Shuttle

With many of us flying in this year in to Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF), we need a way to get to the rally point. Please take a moment to fill out the survey so we can better accommodate arrangements for a “shuttle”.

By shuttle, I mean Chad Lawrence is kind enough to rent a passenger van the night before when he arrives. He will do what he can to shuttle several us to the rally point Thursday after the majority of us arrive.

Speaking of Rally Point…

We are still trying to iron out a rally point for this year.

We contacted a local brewery but they wanted to charge us to “host our event”. We kindly turned them down.

For those that are flying in on Thursday, we can meet at the airport’s “lounge” for a drink or two. For those that are driving, stay tuned.

That’s the plan for now anyway. We’ll communicate something more solid as it develops.

What to Bring?

If you are NOT flying, you may have already been assigned something to bring for the weekend. If not, please contact us in the book face chat and let us know. We are still trying to make sure we have everything.

Salena and Dave have gone through a lot to make this happen for everybody, one of which is allowing us to ship our crap to them like shirts, Marrapode’s cups and the giveaway candoms.

Lastly, A COVID Warning

Many of the people that originally signed up to come this year have dropped out. Some due to COVID and some for other reasons.

Please show respect to everybody that is coming, NOW IS THE TIME to start taking a more disciplined stance on social distancing BEFORE the reunion.

I would feel horrible if I was sloppy in my distancing over the next 2 weeks and brought an unfriendly visitor with me to spread to you all.

For the next 2 weeks, we’re not asking you to barricade yourself in your house but please take extra precautions when going out in public.

Wash your hands often and do it right. Don’t be the one who spreads Rona at the reunion.

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