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What to Bring?

This was last updated July 7, 2021 10:49 EST

As always, everybody is assigned something to bring, with the exception of those that fly in. After everybody arrives, we will take inventory to make sure we have everything. Once that’s done, a couple of us may need to make a run to the store to pick up anything that may have been overlooked… probably on Monday. Since those of you that fly in don’t get assigned anything, we may or may not ask you to pitch in some money after our trip to the grocery store.

Please compare what you have been assigned against the menu to make sure you bring enough. If you have any questions or not sure how much to bring, please ask.

It needs to be mentioned that if you plan on bringing anything extra, especially anything that needs to be refrigerated, and we have not yet accounted for it, please mention it to Rob or Petey since refrigerator space is usually limited. In all the years that we’ve been doing these reunions, we have NEVER had a shortage of food.

Everybody should bring the following

  • Your own drinks… water, beer, liquor etc.
  • Cooler with ice to store your drinks. Refrigerators are reserved for food while freezers store our ice
  • Your own camping chairs to sit on
  • Snacks to share

Specific assignments

MarineItems to bringTravel Method
Monty BurkhalterCoffee, filters, creamer, & sugarDriving
John MooneyPlastic utensils, plates, paper towels, napkins, shit paper, & coffee cupsDriving
Tony FarristerHaluskiDriving
Brent WalkerBagels, cream cheese, & 1 set of cornhole boardsDriving
Jeremy LiggettFlying
Paul GauvinLarge size garbage bags and kitchen size garbage bagsDriving
Shawn BarganierFlying
Shawn ScottBratsDriving
Darren TaylorFlying
Sal LabarberaItalian sausage, onions and peppers, baked pastaDriving
Tim HaleyBreakfast sausage (patties and links)Driving
Randy LemasterFlying
Daniel DoyleMaple syrup and butterDriving
Darrin JohnsonDriving
Gerry PinkleyFirewoodDriving
Dave NidyBring the cheese and meat you talk aboutDriving
Travis TurnerFlying
James BushtaBuns for the pulled pork. At least 50Driving
Jerry Cerpa2-liter bottles of Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale, etc.Driving
Ben ThomasEggsDriving
Clinton WilliamsFlying
Kevin MaxwellWest-by-God Virginian MOONSHINEDriving
Petey Szanto30 lbs. bacon & 1 set of corn hole boards. Free kuuzies for everyone! Challenge coins for sale. Photo scanner & 10 thumb drivesDriving
Bob MarrapodeJambalaya & 2 sets of corn hole boardsDriving
Chad LawrenceHot dog bunsDriving
Jeff YutzyHot dogsDriving
David BallFlying
Chad DietzPulled pork, biscuits, sausage gravy, eggs, & 1 set of corn hole boardsDriving
Jeffrey DufourBread for toastDriving
Stephen LicquiaFlying
Shag LavariereOur red Solo cup guyDriving
Tommy GrimesKetchup, mustard, relish, mayo, hot sauce, salsa (hot and mild)Driving
Chet ZebrowskiPancake mixDriving
Timothy ElyeaFlying
Marty PallottaEnglish muffinsDriving

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