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2019 Fundraiser Shirts

We’re doing it again! Through Custom Ink, we are selling shirts again with hopes of raising some extra money to help with funding. Last year, $460 was raised by selling shirts which was used to put towards this year’s cabin rentals. As a result, cabin rates were kept down.

These shirts have the same nutritional value as the last batch however they are a little bit meatier and juicier. We chose Jerzees brand, which is a little softer than the Hanes shirts from 2018. Above all, these will arrive before the reunion instead of after and for those that want to save on shipping charges, I will personally deliver them to Tennessee.

There are 6 different styles to pick from, 2 of which are for the women in our lives.

Short Sleeve Tee – BlackShort Sleeve Tee – Black
Short Sleeve Tee – OD GreenShort Sleeve Tee – Pink
Long Sleeve Tee – Red 
Sweatshirt – Desert Tan 

All fund that are raised will be paid to Petey Szanto and will be put towards food and/or drink during the reunion. This is a limited time thing so don’t wait too long to get yours ordered. As a result, the cutoff date is July 11, 2019. After that, you’ll need to make your own.

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