Custom Ink, their empty promises, and failed commitments!

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I’ve been fielding several phone calls from our supporters of the 2021 fundraiser t-shirts that were supposed to be delivered by June 30, 2021 and wanted to pass along the latest information that I have.

In short, after speaking to them this morning, they have not yet shipped our shirts and cannot guarantee that we will have them in time for the reunion. One of you that I spoke with this morning said you requested your order be delivered to your home and that you are leaving on Friday which to me, means your shirts need to arrive by Thursday evening (2 days from now). I suppose worst case is they deliver them with the rest of the bulk shipment and refund your shipping.

I requested to speak with a member of their management team and was told they will ask, but cannot guarantee, that I will get a call back. I let her know I that I need to hear from a member of their management team by close of business today to see if we can get a resolution to Custom Ink’s lack of regard for commitments.

This is the 3rd time I’ve used Custom Ink for their services and EVERY time there was some issue keeping the process from running smoothly. I wrote something earlier about their process. Once this ordeal has been resolved, I’d like to post a timeline with the sequence of events, in detail, that got us to the finish line… might make for an interesting read.

In conclusion, I’m doing everything I can to get the shirts in time but it seems that our shirts are being held hostage and it is out of my control and in the hands of the worst company that I’ve ever had to work with… Custom Ink.

July 7 update…

9:00 A.M.:

The last few times I spoke with Custom Stink, they confirmed our event date of July 11. This was the conversation yesterday:

THEM: Oh, I see your event is on the 11TH
ME: Yes, that is correct
THEM: Oh, don’t worry, I’ll do everything I can to get them to you by then
ME: Some have them shipped to their house
THEM: I can’t say if they’ll get theirs in time
ME: Then bulk ship them all to me and refund everybody’s shipping
THEM: That’s a good idea, we can do that

I received a text message this morning from UPS with a tracking number for our shirts. They are scheduled to be delivered to my front door in Ohio on JULY 12 between 1:00 – 5:00!!

Custom Ink, if you have the date and you’re shipping today, why the the ever-loving f**k would you not ship them 2-day or overnight? You haven’t screwed us over hard enough yet? Oh, and I still haven’t heard back from your management team!

I called and spoke with someone at Custom Ink already this morning to see if they can change the shipping speed or change the address to have them delivered directly to Caboose. I know UPS can handle an address change so if they have shipped already, I’ll will need to spend a few bucks with UPS to change the delivery address.

The other thing the guy mentioned is that some of the non-bulk orders are not being delivered until the middle of next week. Again, I’m hoping the packages are still on the dock and they can bulk ship everything so we get them in time. The last thing he said was that he will call me back as soon as he can find out what they can do with the shipment and have someone from their management team follow up with me.

1:00 P.M.:

With no callback yet, I called them. Spoke with a gal that said the guy I spoke with this morning passed it off to a lead. The leads are trying to figure out a solution and that they’ll call me back. I asked her when I should expect the call, to which she answered “maybe today or tomorrow morning”.

I lost it and told her (yelled actually) not good enough. I’ve been promised callbacks for weeks and NOBODY calls back! Again, like everybody else did, she said she WILL have them call me back by COB today.

4:00 P.M.:

I received a call from a member of Custom Ink’s management team. The solution she came up with was to create a new rush order for our shirts and have them all bulk shipped to Caboose Farm. The delivery date is scheduled for 2 days from now on Friday July 9.

Additionally, the shirts that have already shipped to my house in Ohio, scheduled to be delivered Monday July 12, is also ours to keep. I logged into my UPS account and paid $37 to have the shipping address changed to Caboose Farm which should arrive while we are there. It was cheaper for me to do this than to ship them to everybody when I return home after the reunion.


What was supposed to be an easy process turned out to be a stressful, time consuming endeavor. My timeline had a built in buffer of 2 weeks for any contingencies and they managed to spend 2 weeks +1 day. I will not allow Custom Ink to manage another fundraiser campaign for The Magnificent Bastards again!

2021 Fundraiser Shirts

hanged white shirts on black clothes hangers

We are about a month and a half from our post-quarantine reunion so that means that it’s fundraiser time again! We know you’ve been saving your stimulus checks for this so if you just want to order, click the green button below. If you want to read about the details, scroll down to find them. There will be a different order link at the end of the post.

…or keep reading.

Fundraiser Ends June 14, 2021!


On the front of the shirt, across the left breast, is a design very similar to the 2021 group tattoo design… more on that in a future post.

2021 Group Tattoo
On the front across left breast

Not too long ago, we asked you to vote for your favorite t-shirt design and the back of this year’s shirt features that winning design.

Gettysburg Script

Pricing and Colors

The prices for the short and long sleeves will remain the same as previous years while the sweatshirt price is reduced by five dollars to make it more affordable.

Short Sleeve $25Long Sleeve $30Sweatshirt $35

Choose Your Faction!

When putting these shirts together, one aspect of the designs is the selection of the shirt colors and there was a deliberate choice of colors for sure… Blue vs Gray. You’ll have the option to decide if you side with the North or the Confederacy by your shirt’s color. If you would have chosen to fight with the North, grab a blue shirt. Contrarily, if you would rather have chosen to fight alongside the South, grab a gray one. Realistically though, grab whichever color that tickles your fancy.

Shipping Options

As always, you’ll have the option to ship to your house but you’ll need to pay for the shipping. This will give you the option to wash your new threads before you get to the reunion. On the other hand, if you want to save a few bucks on shipping, you can pick them up in Gettysburg. I will personally deliver them to you.

Ready to Order?

Clicking on the image below will take you to our fundraiser page on Custom Ink’s website. When placing your order, you’ll have the option to provide your name or remain anonymous, leave a comment that defines why you support us, and give an additional amount as a donation.

Keep in mind, we need to sell at least 50 in order to print and make this as a success. If you’ve got any questions, let one of us know.

Last Week to Pay Your Balance!

crop man getting dollars from wallet

PAY UP! As we’ve stated on several occasions, this is the absolute last week to pay your remaining balance for this year’s reunion. You have until this Friday April 30 at midnight to pay or lose your spot in Gettysburg! Head on over to and send your remaining balance. After the deadline, we will contact Caboose Farm, give them the final head count, and finalize the lodging.

Fundraiser shirts will be the next milestone as we close in on the reunion dates. Once again we will be working with Custom Ink to get the design approved and a fundraiser page set up. As in past years, we need to sell a minimum of 50 shirts to get them printed however this year, unlike in previous years, we are limiting the time frame to 2 weeks instead of 4. I anticipate the shirt will go on sale on or around June 1, 2021 so check back later for more information about those. Start stashing some money away for the shirts!

Votes Are In! Here’s Your 2021 Shirt Design

The race was tighter than Bruce Jenner’s wiener tucked into his girdle at his coming out party and was tied for the longest time, however, the Gettysburg Script design is the winner.

We will continue to refine the shirt and pass along information about how you can purchase your 2021 fundraiser t-shirt. Expect these details to be made available near the beginning of May 2021.

2021 Gettysburg Script shirt design
Gettysburg Script

Help Select the 2021 Shirt Design

Voting Ends January 15, 2021

Gettysburg Script

Gettysburg Script

Pennsylvania Keystone

Pennsylvania Keystone

Blue & Gray

Blue & Gray