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As a reminder, the reason this website exists is to try to make sure you don’t have to search all over the place for information. I create posts/articles with details as the info comes in (or changes) just in case you want some “bathroom reading material” but again, you shouldn’t have to search too much.

With that being said, the reunion page has all the info you should need, consolidated in one palce.


After a short delay, I have received our fundraiser shirts yesterday from our supplier. I can’t say enough great things about 911 Clothing here in Cleveland. Sandy and her crew does great work.

One of the kids volunteered last night to help sort, fold, & box them up. I appreciate the help but I really loved the time we spent together.

They were shipped out this morning.

If you chose to have them shipped to your house, you should have already received the tracking number via email last night. They should be on your doorstep early next week via USPS Priority Mail.

If you chose to pick them up in Idaho, see you there. Special thanks to Pinkley for volunteering to stop through Cleveland to pick them up on his drive to Idaho!

Fundraiser Amount

I am happy to report that this has been the most successful fundraiser… I say it every year but it looks like we get better at raising funds every time.

We were able to raise about $1,200!

These funds will be used to help purchase our meals for the reunion.

Room Assignments

If you haven’t heard yet, Rob created room assignments. Information can be found in this post or on the 2023 Reunion page.

What To Bring

Again, everyone needs to bring their own bedding and pillows. Good excuse to bring your poncho liner!

For those that are driving, Rob also assigned certain things for you to bring which helps reduce our costs. The following list below is also on the 2023 Reunion page.

Marine’s NameTravel MethodAssignments
John MooneyFly
  • Walking Tacos
Shane MartinDrive
  • Utensils (Plastic Forks, Spoons, & Knives)
Shawn BarganierDrive
  • Shit Paper
Travis TurnerDrive
  • Salt, Pepper, Ketchup, Mustard, & Hot Sauce
Monty BurkhalterDrive
  • Paper Towels & Napkins
  • To-Go Coffee Cups
Billie LucasDrive
  • Paper Plates & Bowls
Gerry PinkleyDrive
  • Firewood
  • Cornhole Boards
  • Coffee, Sugar, Creamer, & Filters
Stephen LicquiaDrive
  • Chips – A Lot
Jerry CerpaDrive
  • 2 Liters – Ginger Ale, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mt Dew, etc.
Marine’s NameTravel MethodAssignments


Meals are included in the price you paid, just bring your own drinks and snacks to share.

Since we did so well with the fundraiser, we are also researching having a dinner or two catered but at this point Rob’s still looking into that.

On the menu will be Mooney’s walking tacos, Rob’s jambalaya, burgers, brats, dogs, and the like.

Weather Forecast

According to Weather Underground, it’s been rainy lately but drying up. Highs are in the mid 60s to lower 70s during the day. At night, it’ll drop to the mid 40s.

Book Your Hotel Room For Church

If you are going to Grace Church on Sunday and have not yet booked your hotel room for Saturday night in Rupert, don’t wait too long. It’s a holiday weekend and may fill up fast.

Again, more info can be found on the 2023 Reunion page.

Wrapping Up

I think I’ve covered everything. If this is your first time coming to a reunion and you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, the only stupid question is the one that comes from Haley.

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