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Fundraiser 2024 Rhyme Time With an Expedited Timeline

I am running so late to start the debate,
‘cuz I’ve been so busy that it’s made me dizzy.

So please don’t delay ‘cuz we’re 2 months away,
for you to dish the dirt for your favorite shirt.

the Cheesy poet in me

Here we go!

As we proudly celebrate our 10th annual reunion, I’m thrilled to finally be able to introduce, not two, but THREE fundraiser shirt designs for everyone to vote on. As always, the winning design will be featured on our exclusive fundraiser shirt and the runner-up will be showcased on a special can koozie that I give away every year.

Since we are about 55 days from the start of the reunion, fundraising needs to be on a shortened timeline with the voting and sales being only about 1 week each. Voting will end at midnight on June 21. I hope to start the sales on the 24th to end at the end of the month.

Your participation is key in selecting the design that best represents our camaraderie, brotherhood and spirit. Let’s make this milestone reunion unforgettable by choosing the designs that resonate most with us all.

Voting closes at midnight on Friday June 21, 2024!

The Choices

#1 Guard Tower

This year also marks 30 years since our participation in Operation Sea Signal, the DoD operation in the Caribbean with many of us serving onboard the USNS Comfort and eventually moving operations to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Some of you served on other ships as well like CMV Ivan Franco or CMV Griuzy.

While this was classified as a “humanitarian” mission, we know it was more than that with all of the riots that took place. The colors in the design are of the Humanitarian Medal that we received as a result of this operation. While we also were awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award, these colors seemed to be more representative of our time spent down there.

#2 Riot Gear

Here’s another Operation Sea Signal design. Not much to say about this as it seems self explanatory.

#3 Tour of Duty

After realizing that the first 2 designs were only that of Operation Sea Signal, I threw this design together in just 3 nights. It’s a simple design but highlights a “decade” of our reunions.

The only explanation I think I need to highlight is that I chose not to spell Devil Dogs as it is in the recruiting poster “Teufel Hunden” but the grammatically correct German version “Teufelshunde”.

Cast Your Vote!

Technically you are only supposed to be able to cast one vote but if you’re savvy with computers, you can find a way to vote more than once.

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