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2021 Fundraiser Shirts

We are about a month and a half from our post-quarantine reunion so that means that it’s fundraiser time again! We know you’ve been saving your stimulus checks for this so if you just want to order, click the green button below. If you want to read about the details, scroll down to find them. There will be a different order link at the end of the post.

…or keep reading.

Fundraiser Ends June 14, 2021!


On the front of the shirt, across the left breast, is a design very similar to the 2021 group tattoo design… more on that in a future post.

2021 Group Tattoo
On the front across left breast

Not too long ago, we asked you to vote for your favorite t-shirt design and the back of this year’s shirt features that winning design.

Gettysburg Script

Pricing and Colors

The prices for the short and long sleeves will remain the same as previous years while the sweatshirt price is reduced by five dollars to make it more affordable.

Short Sleeve $25Long Sleeve $30Sweatshirt $35

Choose Your Faction!

When putting these shirts together, one aspect of the designs is the selection of the shirt colors and there was a deliberate choice of colors for sure… Blue vs Gray. You’ll have the option to decide if you side with the North or the Confederacy by your shirt’s color. If you would have chosen to fight with the North, grab a blue shirt. Contrarily, if you would rather have chosen to fight alongside the South, grab a gray one. Realistically though, grab whichever color that tickles your fancy.

Shipping Options

As always, you’ll have the option to ship to your house but you’ll need to pay for the shipping. This will give you the option to wash your new threads before you get to the reunion. On the other hand, if you want to save a few bucks on shipping, you can pick them up in Gettysburg. I will personally deliver them to you.

Ready to Order?

Clicking on the image below will take you to our fundraiser page on Custom Ink’s website. When placing your order, you’ll have the option to provide your name or remain anonymous, leave a comment that defines why you support us, and give an additional amount as a donation.

Keep in mind, we need to sell at least 50 in order to print and make this as a success. If you’ve got any questions, let one of us know.

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