2021 Registration Deadline Approaching FAST!

The final minutes for registering for the 2021 reunion in Gettysburg, PA is quickly approaching. Registration has been open since August 15, 2020 and will officially close at the end of October 2020.

Remember, you need to have registered AND paid by end of October or you will lose your spot! This is a new rule for us, that will be strictly enforced! As the size of our reunion has grown to over 50 attendees that currently registered, everyone should understand how challenging it is to reserve appropriate lodging to accommodate everybody. As a result, an accurate head count is critical.

By November 1, we will have a concrete list of attendees. With that, we will finalize the contract for the place we’re looking to reserve and, once completed, we will post the details so stay tuned…

Last words – If you are having difficulties paying and want to attend, speak up! There are enough people that will help out to get you there. These reunions are something that previous attendees look forward to every year! Say something in our Bookface chat group or send me an email.

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