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2023 Fundraiser Shirt Designs… it’s time to vote!

As I do every year, I’ve created 2 fundraiser shirt designs for y’all to vote on. Your vote is important! The only other vote that’s just as important is whether the shit paper is over the top or under, not the Presidential vote… don’t be fooled. By the way, if you picked ‘under’ and there’s no cat in the house, you’re wrong.

The winning design goes on the shirt and the other ends up on the koozies that I give away each year. Once voting wraps up, I’ll make sure the winning design looks good on the each of the vast color options for the fundraiser shirts, then we begin the fundraiser.

Voting closes at midnight on February 28, 2023!

The Choices

#1 Far East Tour – 30th Anniversary

From Tokyo to Idaho, 2023 marks 30 years since our Far East deployment to Japan. I felt it fitting to celebrate it.

While this is our 9th reunion, there hasn’t been a single year where we haven’t talked about our time on Oki, atop Fuji, in the NTA, or about the taco rice…yum.

For those that are curious, 米海兵隊 is the Japanese way to write “United States Marine Corps” or simply “U.S. Marines.”

#2 The Idaho Potato

Can’t go to Idaho without mentioning a potato… and beer. Not much left to explain about this one.

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